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Our Why

I created Citizens Of Heaven in 2019 because I realized the fashion market was full of meaningless concepts and negative graphics. Since I grew up in and around church, I wanted to provide people with more than just clothes - I want them to be a part of a lifestyle where they can confidently express their faith with quality, style and comfort.

Fortunately, I knew there was a huge market of believers looking for higher end modern Christian apparel that wasn't available in stores. That's when I began curating a fashion brand where faith, fashion and culture collide-providing a little piece of Heaven on earth.

Although this earthly home is temporary, I hope our garments evoke emotion that aid in your daily journey to an eternal residence in Heaven.

The Commitment

Each of our garments are created by devoting attention to detail - outsourcing the best quality materials, creating meaningful designs, and establishing a luxury feel in everything we do, from packaging to our customer service. We do fashion without the fast.

Now serving the US, Canada and the UK, Citizens of Heaven has become a global premium lifestyle brand. 

Citizens of Heaven - This world is not our home.

With love,

Lavencia 🤟🏽

Philippians 3:20, NLT: "But we are citizens of heaven, where the Lord Jesus Christ lives. And we are eagerly waiting for him to return as our Savior."

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